Reveiw by Michael McKenna “Desolate Row” CD


The long awaited LP from the Long Branch, NJ. band, The Easy Outs, is here after a 5 year gap, when their self-titled LP dropped in 2009. To many of their patient fans and listeners, it was well worth the wait. With a Punk/Rock/Garage sound and influences that run the gamut from The Ramones to top British acts from the 60’s, the band has established themselves as fan favorites in the New Jersey/New York music scene. This 2nd effort features guest musician, Kurt Reil from The Grip Weeds on drums and percussion, who also produced the album at the House of Vibes in Highland Park, NJ. In addition to Kurt, ex Secret Syde and new Grip Weed bassist, Dave Desantis, plays on the album along with another ex Secret Syde drummer Rob Angello. Kenny Aaronson, who has gigged with the likes of Joan Jett, New York Dolls and Rick Derringer and is currently on the road with The Yardbirds, is giving it up on some of the tracks. The band’s regulars are Steve DeVito and Mike DePasquale on electric guitars; John DiVuolo on bottom; Paul Lambert on skins and Bruce Ferguson on lead vocals. Bruce Ferguson stated, “Rock ‘N Roll needs to get back to its roots and The Easy Outs and this new album will make that happen”. One cannot go back farther than the Garage sounds that dominated music back in the 60’s that left its indelible mark which is still evident today. This 12-track CD is full of that New Jersey influence that has dominated music from the area for decades. “Shake That Thing” opens with high-energy percussion-driven jams with catchy hooks and slamming guitars. The vocals and harmonies are SHIT HOT! “Good Old Days” has a very commercial flavor that should make programmers take notice. This mid-tempo rocker is WAY COOL! The title track, “Desolate Row”, slams you in the pit of your stomach right from the door. With a bit of a old-time Stones sound, this number should end up being a crowd favorite! “Skin To Bone” could have been a hit for The Ramones, it’s that good! The guitars rip you up in a heartbeat! “Noreese” is about a lady who is described as ‘the enemy’ in the way she corrupts her man and twists him in ways that he despises. “Come On, Come On” is about another lady who drives her man totally crazy with her obsessive acts. “Mud Runner” is a high-energy killer cut that should kick ass in ALT/ROCK formats. Tight harmonies, one of the best on this CD! “Can’t Remember a Thing” hearkens back to those days in the 60’s when rock’n roll was fun to listen to. “Nothing On Me” explodes from the door with slammin’ guitars and Bruce’s powerful vox. “Running Low” has a groovy retro/mod sound that one would have heard back in the day at one of those mod discotheques. “Perfume Girl” has a mainstream alternative flavor that would go over well with today’s younger listeners. The final track, “Gotta Get Away From Jane” would fill a dance floor in a heartbeat. This fun-sounding party tune is rad. NICE! This LP has it all, party music, pounding percussion, slammin’ guitars and just a plain old kick-ass sound. I can see this CD giving up at least 4 hot singles that programmers would jump on in a minute! Make sure you set the volume on MAX, put your ride into gear and just jam while you’re driving, it’s that good! This effort is definitely a MUST LISTEN. On the Nor’easter Storm Scale, I give this a FORCE 4! WELL DONE!

LP Review by Michael McKenna

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